As a company we have only been running for a few months so unfortunately cannot impress with a huge list of projects successfully completed, we can however provide some examples of projects completed prior to starting this company.

Fuel Inert

  • Merlin Helicopter test GUI’s (C)
  • Windtunnel video control and capture system (LabVIEW)
  • Fin actuator test software (LabVIEW)
  • DAQ serial data driver (LabVIEW)
  • Object Orientated SCPI library (LabVIEW)
  • Hylas 1 SCACE Satellite payload equipment test (LabVIEW/TestStand)
  • Alphasat I-XL Satellite payload equipment test (LabVIEW/TestStand)
  • Alphasat I-XL OCOE Protocol Converter (C#)
  • Alphasat I-XL Beam Weight Engine (UML, C++ MFC)
  • Acoustic recording and analysis tools (C#, Measurement Studio)
  • Modbus, Profibus distributed fish deflection system (C#, Measurement Studio)
  • Techdemosat ARM Cortex M3 drivers and bootloader ( Embedded C)
  • Sun sensor test solution (LabVIEW/TestStand/Matlab)
  • Fuel Inert system simulator (LabVIEW)
  • CCSDS High speed packet recorder/decoder (LabVIEW FPGA)
  • RF Measurements Custom step types. (LabVIEW)
  • RCM Satellite payload equipment test (LabVIEW/Teststand)
  • Infotainment simulator system (GPS, DAB, FM, AM) LabVIEW/TestStand/C#)